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IN THE PRESS: Rocha Natural Products makes it easy to look after your skin


Rocha Natural Products was developed as a result of a passion for the health and wellbeing of all individuals.

Looking after your skin should always be a priority, no matter what your age.  This principle was instilled in me from my youth.  For me, being in my late thirties, it is a rather scary stage.  

Looking after your skin should be a priority

My body and skin is completely changing right in front of my eyes. The age of forty is often associated with a sense of wariness, apprehension and in some cases, downright panic. For some, it can feel like the birth of an entirely new chapter in life, a beginning of some sort. Whether it be for better or worse, and when it comes to your skin, this is the age where the effectiveness of your skincare routine will become evident.

In your late 20s, you might have already noticed a few things changing about your body. You need more sleep to function, hangovers are so much more extreme, and your stomach just doesn’t respond well to certain foods (or is that just me?).  

Your skin is also going through a transition during this time. After 30, you might experience more dryness and sensitivity.  Not to mention strange spots that seem to pop up from nowhere, but according to dermatologist, all this is perfectly normal.  

When your skin starts feeling out of whack, you can make a few simple adjustments to your skin-care regimen to get things back in sync.

My mom recently introduced me to Rocha Natural Products. Founded by Natasha Rocha in 2015, when she started making natural soaps for her children.  

Products that are safe and natural

Driven by the desire to create safe and natural products she also started making facial care products for her own sensitive skin. She researched the most effective natural oils and ingredients and started formulating products that were tried and tested by family and friends over the years.  

Building on this foundation, Natasha later started taking courses in cosmetic formulation and began to design a more professional product range from there. This resulted in a range of products that are made with superior quality and ingredients, which is sourced from trusted and certified suppliers. The Rocha Natural Products range is completely safe, stable and effective in every sense. 

I have always tried my best to look after my skin, but lately I have noticed an increase in changes to my skin. On recommendation, I contacted Natasha for advice on what she would recommended for me to boost my current skin-care regime up a notch or six.  

Natasha took the time to listen to my concerns and recommended the following products from her range.  

RESTORE MOISTURE BALM – A complex mixture of oils and butters that mimic’s the skin’s natural oils thus balancing the sebum production allowing the skin to be moisturized, soft and nourished.  

CLEANSER – An oil cleanser that removes make up and cleans your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.  

REFRESH TONER – A combination of botanical hydrosols and essential oils that tightens the pores, calms and disinfects the skin. An essential part of your daily skincare routine.  

BODY OIL -For those who want to pamper their skin with unique blends of oils that hydrate and nourish, leaving skin pampered, soft and supple.

BODY BUTTER – to hydrate and nourish your skin. The Body Butter itself is packed with the goodness of Shea butter, oils and essential oils.  Your skin will love it.

Super excited, I placed my order and was thrilled when the products arrived within the week! What I love about Rocha Natural Products is that they care for the animals and the environment. They strive to source ingredients that, to Natasha’s research and knowledge, are not tested on animals and all of their own products will certainly never be tested on animals in any way.  

The packaging is also thoughtfully considered in line with their values. Therefore, they use glass as much as possible that can be recycled as well as cardboard boxes and paper packets and they encourage their customers to recycle or up-cycle wherever they can. 

Natasha mentioned during our consultation that she is exceptionally passionate about her products as well as her clients. It is important to her that her clients have healthy, vibrant and glowing skin.  

She stated that all her clients are assured that they are using a product that is safe and healthy for their body and skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and therefore, it is vital that we make informed decisions as to what we put onto it!

All of Rocha’s ingredients are natural or derived from nature and suppliers that are certified and offer only the highest quality ingredients. 

Natasha’s vision is for Rocha Natural Products to be a brand that is renowned for quality and effectiveness – Products that do what they say they will.

Natasha’s success lies in the fact that she always offers each of her clients a personal, professional and informed service. 

I can highly recommend Rocha to everyone and anyone wanting to rejuvenate their aging skin and give it the extra attention it deserves. These products are absolutely amazing! 

The product range is extensive, and those mentioned in the article are but a few of the products made by Rocha Natural Products. They also have really amazing moisturizers for young combination skins as well as an anti-aging range for mature sensitive skin and also boasts a range of products specifically formulated for babies.


To find out more about this fantastic range of products you can email Natasha on, or give her a call on 082 604 7566.

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